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The Chronicles of Jimmy the Cup

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10th February 2006

8:05pm: Dear Diary,
Well, I'm at anime club with my mommies. It's fun. We're watching this crazy anime with some freaky cats. ALmost everyone has glow sticks and I have some stuck on my horn holes and in my ear holes.
Current Mood: amused
3:00pm: Dear Diary,
Well, I haven't seen K8 in awhile. I feel neglected. I should attack her with fry's of DOOOOOOOM. Perhaps I'll play pool with her. I know mommy is bringing me to Anime Cl00b so I can see her there.

Jimmy the Cup
Current Mood: bored

9th February 2006

4:08pm: Dear Diary...
Well, this is my first livejournal entry. I'm so excited. Today was amazing!!! I was born, I became about 20 years old, and I went on misadventures with my mommies! The weather was so nice so we played outside. Mommy K8 had to go to class at 2:10 so we stayed in Hollenbeck since she didn't want to be late to class. I met lots of new people when we went alllll around Hollenbeck and I even got my picture taken with a professor.

I can't wait to go on our next adventure! But that's all for today since I'm soooo worn out from the rest of the days activity. I'm gonna hop into the guest house and take a nice long nap.

Jimmy the Cup
Current Mood: tired
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